Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Shelves in the craftroom!!

Shelves! I got shelves!

Look at what my sweet boyfriend did for me :) - I buy the things I want to hang on the walls and expect him to do the work for me. These are going to be used for my fabric - that way I'll be able to see everything a lot easier.
The only dilemma I had was how to store all of my lace trim and small sample pieces of fabric. But I think I've found a solution - I'm going to buy a couple of messageboards - you know, those made from cork, and I'm just going to pin all the scrap pieces onto the board (just 1 pin in the corner of each piece) - easy to see, easy to access and easy to clean up and reorganize - Pretty genious, if I must say so myself, haha
Isn't it odd how much stuff you can accumulate.. And not just small things you can let go of - no! there are so many possibilities for each individual item,. so many things you could make!
I'm really trying to organize every corner of my craft room - which also Means buying tools I've been wanting (otherwise I don't know where to put them once I'm done rearranging everything - logical, right?).
So I bought a printer! :) - we already have a printer,.. but it hates me, and I'm not particularly fond of that either!
I do have that small canon printer that I got last year for Christmas. love it! but there's just 1 problem; it's a laser printer, so I can't do any prints on fabric or textured paper, and I have so many ideas for miniatures which requires a printer.
I will admit though, that I buy stuff for very odd reasons. Today I bought a box of lovely quality chocolates.. Did I want the chocolates? not really, I just wanted the metal box that they came in! it's some nice metal, really is. Perfect thickness for using in miniatures - not too thin and bendable, but not too stiff and difficult to cut either.
I'm sure my co-workers didn't mind - I placed it in the lunch room at Work for everyone to have a taste :)