Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hello :)

I was doing so well, posting on the blog and then I disappeared again... oh well - can post pictures of some of the recent tutorials I've posted on YouTube (SugarCharmShop Gourmet) :)

The one thing that bugs me right now, is the fact that I currently have no idea if I'll be able to continue posting on the 'gourmet' channel. YouTube has been throwing a bunch of changes in the faces of the creators, with limited, if any, communication.
If you've heard any type of 'youtube related news' you might know about the whole 'advertisor friendly'-thing that's going on, which on my channels will never be a problem. But other changes have happened, and it seems like in most cases, the platform is looking for 'quantity over quality' which I don't agree with. Suddenly it's all about mass-production,. putting out daily videos - which when it comes to the type of videos I make is rarely possible. Furthermore, where videos used to spread (be recommended on other videos), they seem to just die out after the span of 12-24 hours depending on the views they get within that time frame. And sure, if it's something people search for (trending/popular topics) they might gain more views in the following days or weeks, but not even close to what you'd usually expect.

A lot of the creators on the platform seem to be experiencing much lower views on their channels amongst other things, and though I'm able to manage the current state of things on my main channel, for now, I don't know how my other channel will be affected long term. Heck, I don't know how either of my channels will be affected long term,.. My current plan for Gourmet is to keep posting and see what happens in the upcoming months. Unfortunately, if things continue the way they have for the past few weeks, I may not be able to prioritize that channel.

Click here to check out the tutorials.