Saturday, March 21, 2015

Banana bread, Romantic chair & pots/pans

A couple of my recent creations - The banana bread and the pots/pans has already been uploaded as tutorials on my YouTube channel :) Tutorial for the chair will be up at some point - though I'm not sure when.

5 weeks left before I'll be leaving for the Farum fair. I'm excited to see what people think of my new items. This is the first time I'll be bringing some proper animals (have previously only had 1 dog and a bunny to sell...), I'll for once have an OK selection of dolls, I'm bringing mixed kitchen appliances + other mixed minis AND, not to forget - furniture.
Crossing my fingers it'll go well.

Friday, March 13, 2015

More furniture :)

I'm planning on working on some food next week, but right now I'm having so much fun making furniture - and I'm enjoying using my new micro lathe as well!! though I've only used it to make the rocking chair so far :)

Friday, March 6, 2015


How long has it been since I last made an update?..  too long for me to recap all the items I've made and posted on my youtube channel haha.
But ehh, - amongst other stuff I made vegetables;

I also, finally, got around to playing with my scroll saw for the first time, which I've had for... 2 years? 

Started making some furniture - and even though it's nowhere near perfect, I think it looks cute! - the chair was the first piece of furniture I made,. the blue dresser was the second,. the cupboard the third and the table may have been my 4th or 5th? not quite sure.
I've made a couple of dining chairs as well, but I still need to make the table before posting a picture. Also working on a roll top desk. Think I've accomplished quite a bit in just over a week! (Started making the first chair this past Tuesday).

Can you tell I've been playing around with my patina? hihi

Aaaaaand - I got a new toy today! a lathe! a micro version by proxxon... only problem is that I don't really have a lot of.. or any, wood I can turn,. so I'll have to get my hands on some soon haha.