Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cleaning,. Again?

This is what my desk looked like, when I walked into my craft room this morning;
Beautiful,. isn't it?... Seriously though, I distinctly remember cleaning it not that long ago! How can something like this happen, when every tool and material has a rightful spot in the room?
Then the mailman came by - with a package.
Some stuff I'd ordered off
I'd ordered a new 'ceramic fibre blanket', siligum, a couple of shades of the baroque art gilder's pastes and,... polymer clay, of course.
Now, the problem was that when I ordered this, I didn't really know which colors I was running low on - but they had (maybe still have) "20% off" on all Fimo products, so of course I had to get some. I chose to get some of the colors I use frequently; translucent, black, yellow, beige etc.
I also got a small package from ebay - the drill bits in the yellow box.
I've been wanting some for a while - would like to do some wood work,.. at some point,.. in the future,.. it's not something I'm planning on starting right this second, but it's nice having the tools on hand when you DO get an idea that just can't wait.
My only birthday wish this year (7th of Feb) is a jigsaw. One that can be attached to the table.
My dad and I found a decently sized hobby-version from Dremel. If I don't get it for my birthday, I'll buy it myself :)
Anyway - Receiving all those packs of clay made me want to reorganize all of my polymer clay. I stored most of my clay in this unit (left). Sorted by colors, but it was still a big mess; When the number of packs of clay started to exceed the limit for what could be squished into the drawers, I put the rest of them into one of my desk drawers.. Time for change!
I went through all my clay,. put misplaced colors back into the right compartments, grabbed all the unopened packs of clay and put them into the top drawer in my desk.
Most of the compartments in the unit are still filled to the edge, but at least there's a system to it.. and take a look at how many unopened packs I ended up with (right) - seems like I didn't need to order new clay in the first place, haha.. God, I have packs of clay that I remember getting back in the beginning of 2012! and who knew I already had 4 packs of translucent,.. no need for the 2 extra ones I ordered... oh well, I guess I could make some more fruit canes.
So instead of crafting - I ended up cleaning my desk. It didn't even take that long, and I still had time to start working on a couple of miniatures.