Friday, December 4, 2015

miniature toys

I've had a few people requesting my to make some tutorials for different types of toys, so of course I thought it'd be fun to make them in miniature, haha :) The 'littlest pet shop' characters are 5-6mm tall while the 'my little pony' figures are 7mm tall.
Although I prefer making vintage inspired pieces and rarely enjoy making the more modern pieces, the child in me does love making these toys, and I have plans making more! :)

Monday, November 9, 2015

Pies & cake

Have had some fun doing a couple of food related pieces - as I've had less time for that these past few weeks.
Chose to make some mini 'apple pies' and a simple, elegant cake with roses. The apple pies are in a different style than what I'd usually make - these foods that are shaped into 'food' in real life, often tend to look odd in miniature.. Same with those amazing real life fondant cakes that look like handbags, high heels and other scenes; they just don't make as much sense in miniature. Nonetheless I couldn't help myself when I saw a picture of some small portion sized, apple shaped apple pies.

I know I've posted a lot about the ceramics, but I can't help it. I am just as much in love with making and using them now as I was the first time I made a batch - if not more :)

Friday, November 6, 2015


My most recent miniature doll - though this one isn't quite 1:12th scale; I made her a bit taller (a couple of cm), just to be able to have more fun with the details :) I do think I'll make future portrait dolls 1:12th scale though.

This collage is an example of what I'm looking at when sculpting these dolls. When making the animated characters I usually don't have more than 5-6 pictures, but for an 'actual person' there are going to be more details, and so you really want to be able to see the face from all angles.
I had a hard time finding a proper picture of Maleficent from the front, which is why I have 2 pictures of 'Angelina' on the right.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Foxes & pug

I have had quite a long break from making any miniature animals, but luckily I've been in such an 'animal-making-mood' lately :) I say lucky, because I really need to get some animals ready for the miniature fair in 2016! - I've set a goal of bringing at least 20 four legged animals - so cats, dogs, and well, foxes and similar creatures... we'll see ^^'

The fox tutorial was uploaded Earlier this week and the pug will be uploaded today :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hopefully none of these have been included in a blog update - but I'm sorry if they have; some of my recent pieces :) The blackberries and the cake with the pansies are normal 'realistic miniatures', the rest are slightly more simple and are some of the things I've been making just for the sake of tutorials on my YouTube lately :)
My inner child is loving making these cartoon inspired dolls haha ^^ lots more to come!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ceramics, cockatoo, food & more

Lately I haven't been taking pictures every time I've fired a batch of ceramics - not that I've fired thaaat many times, but I haven't been taking the 'bundled up' pictures I did after the first 4 firings or so. Probably because plates don't change too much, haha.
However, I have improved since the last pictures were taken so I decided to take pictures of some of my more recent ceramics :)
I definitely need to do some more of the handpainted ones (they were decorated using the amaco semi moist underglazes). And I can't wait to use some of those cake stands!
Most of the colors I'm using at the moment (for the base) are the amaco velvet underglazes - love them. They come in a great variety of colors and shades, and you can get them in convenient little 2oz containers which is perfect for those who are making miniatures or only need a small amount of one color :)

I also decided to make a cockatoo (tutorial is being uploaded as I'm typing). Lots of fun and I'm already working on the next 'feathered fellow'.

And because I've been gone from the blog for a while... again... here are a couple of the other minis I've made;

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Braided bread, Kiwi & Blueberry cake

A rustic braided bread, a few kiwis arranged in the most simple fashion and a blueberry cake :)

Friday, June 19, 2015

Vietnamese food & ribs

At least this time, both are fairly 'dinner' themed haha.
I made vietnamese inspired spring rolls and pho (noodle soup) for today's tutorial - and I made some ribs,. because I felt like making ribs ;) I did record the process of making the ribs, though I'm not yet sure whether or not I'll be posting it as a tutorial. I already have a video for ribs on my channel, and they both look pretty rib-ish. Still need to put the 2 last racks of ribs on a cutting board... How many times did I say ribs?... anyway;

And yes, the ribs are quite dark. They might appear slightly darker in the picture than in real life, but not much (if at all) - this is just what the ribs I cook in real life look like hihi.

Random thought - I recently started taking pictures on a white background instead of my desk - which I like.. This looks more clean. However, I also love seeing miniatures on a suitable background;
When I was taking pictures for my recent business card I had so much fun putting together a few of my miniatures to form little scenes, and now I can't help but imagining the ribs (yes, I said ribs again) on a little patio table,. maybe next to some jacket/baked potatoes... Might have to get my saw out soon. Just because I sell these, doesn't mean I can't have a little play, right? :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cheesecake & Popsicles

Another great combo.. ehem..; Cheesecake and popsicles :)
I've been wanting to make another cheesecake for a while - not that it's much different than my previous cheesecakes...
Have also been seeing so many pictures of ice cream and popsicles on both instagram and pinterest these past few days, so of course I had to make some.

Was playing around, giving the popsicles a more 'fresh from the freezer' kind of appearance - definitely like this look more than what I've made previously, the frost just adds a little extra something.

Also made a couple of suuuper simple snow cones, so today's tutorial is going to be ice cream themed :)

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Just some simple carrots. I had the best intentions and was planning on making a few things this weekend, but so far this is all I got done. My parents visited yesterday, and in the evening I started working on the carrots before deciding on a spontaneous trip to the movies (san andreas, good movie). My mom then found that she'd forgotten her bag at our place, with keys, wallet etc (they live 2½-3 hours away) so they had to come back for it today, haha.
I might start working on something else tonight - but doubt I'll have time to finish it until tomorrow.
We'll be ordering pizza in a bit, and watch 'the Big bang theory' :)

As for the carrots; I for once decided that it was time to improve the 'tops'. I usually use preserved moss, which looks good. but it doesn't look quite right. I like this version better.
Have recorded a tutorial for it in case I felt like uploading an updated carrot video.

The grey plate has a small chip right on the edge, as you can see. it happened before I bisque fired it, but instead of fixing it I decided to leave it as it was - I like the look of chipped tableware :) And I really like how the grey color looks against the colors of the carrots... Now I'm just sad I only made 1 grey plate...

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ceramics, bundt cake & peaches

Fired my (not counting the very first test firing with 7-8 first attempt plates/bowls) my third 'set' of ceramics yesterday!... well, the night before yesterday - when glaze firing I let the kiln run throughout the night.
Anyway - My best ceramics yet, if I do say so myself haha :) I decided to focus on making plates, as that is what I use most often - but I also adelots of little bowls.
Even made my first tea-cups, which I think turnd out really cute. The blue and white set in the foreground is a gift for a friend, and the Olive oil bottle and semi-matching bowl is s birthday gift for another friend... which, if you're watching, please tell me you saw it! ;) - though I don't expect either of them to see this blog post.

Had so much fun painting the details on the olive oil bottle. Used my Amaco semi-moist underglaze palettes. Although they have their cons but I do really love them! Might have to add handpainted details to more pieces next time I make a batch :)

Finished this simple little bundt cake yesterday, and the peaches are from the day before.

And finally another bundt cake from today :)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lychee & more ceramics

Feels like I haven't made that much the past few days, though I've made something every day.. - I made these miniature lychee (lychees?) which I think came out cute :) I feel like I need to record something to go with them before uploading the tutorial though.

Also fired some more ceramics, which I'm just as excited about as last time haha - The suspense when opening the kiln door after the final firing... love it! - now I just need to make some food for each one.

Now sure whether or not the colors are true to real life - I fixed it in photoshop,. but as soon as I post the pictures on blogspot it seems like the colors are more saturated? Not just in this picture, it's a general problem I've noticed. Might just be me or my browser/computer/whatever.. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ceramics, English Breakfast & Roast

I can't even begin to describe how excited I am, being able to make my own ceramics. They may not be perfect, but hey, I'm a newbie - so it's okay. I used the underglazes I ordered to color some of these. Love how easy it was to make the dishes look rustic by only applying a thin coat.
My main problem now is, that I really want the other palettes as well,. And some more 'normal glazes'. I'd like a crackle glaze and maybe even a metallic one... Will try my best to wait a little while though.

Used a couple of them already;

English breakfast (not enough room for mushrooms).

And I put the second roast in a cooking dish/tray :)

Monday, April 27, 2015

Miniature pasta machine & Elderly lady

Back from the fair! - It was a lot of fun, and it went well.
I'm so happy that people liked all the new items I brought with me this year because that really is very motivating when it comes to making new pieces.
All the animals found a new home and I did sell a few of the pieces of furniture as well :)

Before leaving for the fair I did some research and found measurements for a few of the animals I'd like to make in the future (farm related) hihi - For some reason I really want to make a cow,.. and some goats,. and some other animals lol - I think it'd look cute, though I'm not sure if anyone actually is in need of something like that...

Anyway - I'm excited to be back home and have spent a portion of the day in my craft room, making this little miniature pasta machine for today's tutorial. It's not functional (except from the handle which turns) but it'll look cute on a miniature scene or in a dollhouse! :)

And here's a picture of the elderly lady I made a while ago - finally got around to taking a picture of her :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rough collie & sleepy kitty

With only a couple of days left before I have to leave for the fair, I've had to realize that I far from has the time to make all the things I wanted.. Still haven't lost hope in being able to make a few more pieces, but it won't be anything major.
I did manage to make 2 furry friends - a rough collie, which I've been wanting to make for a long time. And a sleepy cat :)

Love the glimpse the animals get in their eyes, when the light hits it just right. And though I wish I'd added even more fluffy-ness to the body of the collie, I'm really happy with the result. Back when I made the german shepherd I didn't have the right color of fibres for the fur, so I settled for what seemed to be the closest to the right shade - which was too dark. I didn't have the right shade of 'sabel'/brown for the collie either, but instead of risking getting angry with myself for using the wrong shade, I decided to simply use an off white/creamy color for the body and head, and shade the entire thing with my soft pastels. Yes, the collie is in fact only white and cream haha.
When done thoroughly it won't come off, and the fibres will pretty much be permanently stained - I also sealed it with a fixative for extra protection.

The cat was one of my 'couch crafting' projects - made yesterday. When sculpting dolls and animals I far prefer sitting in the couch as opposed to sitting at my desk. I don't know why, as sitting hunched over in the couch is far more uncomfortable, but when working on more time consuming projects I enjoy being able to watch TV or be in the company of my boyfriend so there's someone to interact with.
Started working on another cat today - did get a late start and won't have as much time tomorrow, but am hoping I'll be able to finish it before leaving Friday.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Console table, bookcase & buterched pig

Here are the console table and bookcase I mentioned in my last post :) Had a lot of fun making them!

And,. something that's not quite furniture - a butchered pig. Now,. I've made a butchered pig twice before in 2013 and there's no doubt that this one looks better. I recall getting an email the last time I showed one of my butchered pigs, from someone who was having a very strong reaction to the fact that I had made something like that. Lots of negativity in that email, but I wanted to let you know, just in case you feel the same way; don't waste your time sending me an email or yelling at me because I take it as a huge compliment. I think it's AWESOME if my little lump of clay can cause people to react that way.
This is a pig for a butcher's shop/scene - this is how you get meat on your plate. It's simply realism.