Sunday, June 14, 2015


Just some simple carrots. I had the best intentions and was planning on making a few things this weekend, but so far this is all I got done. My parents visited yesterday, and in the evening I started working on the carrots before deciding on a spontaneous trip to the movies (san andreas, good movie). My mom then found that she'd forgotten her bag at our place, with keys, wallet etc (they live 2½-3 hours away) so they had to come back for it today, haha.
I might start working on something else tonight - but doubt I'll have time to finish it until tomorrow.
We'll be ordering pizza in a bit, and watch 'the Big bang theory' :)

As for the carrots; I for once decided that it was time to improve the 'tops'. I usually use preserved moss, which looks good. but it doesn't look quite right. I like this version better.
Have recorded a tutorial for it in case I felt like uploading an updated carrot video.

The grey plate has a small chip right on the edge, as you can see. it happened before I bisque fired it, but instead of fixing it I decided to leave it as it was - I like the look of chipped tableware :) And I really like how the grey color looks against the colors of the carrots... Now I'm just sad I only made 1 grey plate...


  1. Tanja, you're sad because you've made only one grey plate.............well, I would feel sad too, if I was you because the color of this plate is beautiful warm grey ;O!
    The carrots have a wonderful color combination with the plate. Personally I think that the leaves are much better now, it has improved a lot.
    Funny story about your mother who had forgot her bag, I hope you've enjoyed the pizza and 'the Big Bang theory' :D!
    Wishing you a nice week.

  2. I agree with Ilona once again!!! xDDD She's saying all the words that I am thinking, hahaha!~

    The carrots are beautiful and the grey plate goes well with the carrots! ^0^ The leaves are indeed looking great! :)

  3. hahahaha....My name is Andrea!