Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cheesecake & Popsicles

Another great combo.. ehem..; Cheesecake and popsicles :)
I've been wanting to make another cheesecake for a while - not that it's much different than my previous cheesecakes...
Have also been seeing so many pictures of ice cream and popsicles on both instagram and pinterest these past few days, so of course I had to make some.

Was playing around, giving the popsicles a more 'fresh from the freezer' kind of appearance - definitely like this look more than what I've made previously, the frost just adds a little extra something.

Also made a couple of suuuper simple snow cones, so today's tutorial is going to be ice cream themed :)


  1. No, I think this combination is absolutely perfect, if there is just left some time between consumption of these kind of food, Tanja hehehe ;O!!
    The popsicles are absolutely delicious and they look wonderfully 'frosty' for eating them on a super warm day :D!! Those rainbow cones are really super cute, yummy!
    Fantastic summer work!
    Kind regards, Ilona

    1. Thank you so much as always :) it's been raining here quite a lot, but I'd still eat the popsicles haha ^^

  2. Lovely!!! ♥ ^0^
    I sort of guessed after the Watermelom tutorial that you'd use white paint or pastel to give it that "frosty" look and I was right! :DD

    For some odd reason, a lot of the videos I've been watching on the Youtube app is saying "comments disabled" but when I use mobile, there is no such thing happening! :/ I'm so sorry I couldn't help you out on the questions today! ㅠㅠ Youtube wouldn't let me do so...

    1. That's odd :/
      I recently put my comments on approval, mainly because people were attacking eachother and almost bullying eachother on some videos. But you're still able to comment - no clue why it'd say comments disabled.
      No need to apologize - there's no rule saying you have to reply to comments, so if you don't feel like it or aren't able to I understand :)

    2. Oh, now I CAN comment!!! But it's so weird, I still can't comment on other people's videos, hahaha. ㅠㅠ Haha, but still!!! ^^