Friday, June 19, 2015

Vietnamese food & ribs

At least this time, both are fairly 'dinner' themed haha.
I made vietnamese inspired spring rolls and pho (noodle soup) for today's tutorial - and I made some ribs,. because I felt like making ribs ;) I did record the process of making the ribs, though I'm not yet sure whether or not I'll be posting it as a tutorial. I already have a video for ribs on my channel, and they both look pretty rib-ish. Still need to put the 2 last racks of ribs on a cutting board... How many times did I say ribs?... anyway;

And yes, the ribs are quite dark. They might appear slightly darker in the picture than in real life, but not much (if at all) - this is just what the ribs I cook in real life look like hihi.

Random thought - I recently started taking pictures on a white background instead of my desk - which I like.. This looks more clean. However, I also love seeing miniatures on a suitable background;
When I was taking pictures for my recent business card I had so much fun putting together a few of my miniatures to form little scenes, and now I can't help but imagining the ribs (yes, I said ribs again) on a little patio table,. maybe next to some jacket/baked potatoes... Might have to get my saw out soon. Just because I sell these, doesn't mean I can't have a little play, right? :)


  1. I think that the rolls and pho look gorgeous, I can't wait to taste it ;O! No, I think that the ribs are not too dark, personally I would also bake them until I got this color. All is awesome work as usual, Tanja!
    Of course you had to play with your miniatures and I really loved to see your miniatures in a little scene.
    Did you also made the lovely dog and the girl?
    Wishing you a nice weekend.
    Kind regards, Ilona

    1. Thank you :)
      I did make everything in the picture - well, I didn't knit the blankets, those were just some fuzzy pieces of fabric. There are videos for both the dog and girl on my youtube if you're interested :)

    2. Thank you for answering, Tanja :)! Yes, I'm surely interested, I'm learning a lot of your videos. So I'll go looking on your youtube for these particular videos, I haven't see them yet. Again: thank you so much for your generosity of sharing all those fantastic and clear tuto's on youtube :D!
      Have a nice weekend. Hug, Ilona

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