Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ceramics, bundt cake & peaches

Fired my (not counting the very first test firing with 7-8 first attempt plates/bowls) my third 'set' of ceramics yesterday!... well, the night before yesterday - when glaze firing I let the kiln run throughout the night.
Anyway - My best ceramics yet, if I do say so myself haha :) I decided to focus on making plates, as that is what I use most often - but I also adelots of little bowls.
Even made my first tea-cups, which I think turnd out really cute. The blue and white set in the foreground is a gift for a friend, and the Olive oil bottle and semi-matching bowl is s birthday gift for another friend... which, if you're watching, please tell me you saw it! ;) - though I don't expect either of them to see this blog post.

Had so much fun painting the details on the olive oil bottle. Used my Amaco semi-moist underglaze palettes. Although they have their cons but I do really love them! Might have to add handpainted details to more pieces next time I make a batch :)

Finished this simple little bundt cake yesterday, and the peaches are from the day before.

And finally another bundt cake from today :)


  1. Hi Tanja! Your new ceramics are beautiful, love the set you've made for a friend. I'm sure she will be so happy with it. The painted details of the olive oil bottle is delicate, wonderful work.
    The bundt cakes and the peaches are gorgeous work, as all of your works are.
    Wishing you a nice weekend.
    Kind regards, Ilona

    1. Thank you so much! The blue and white sets have arrived at my friend's apartment and she seemed very happy with them :)
      Have a great weekend too!

  2. As always, I absoutely love your miniature ceramics!!! <3 :") Ilona is right!! The olive bottle is so well made!

    I also love the bundts & peaches!!! I sound like I'm lying but I was just literally eating a peach while reading your blog post... xDD I could imagine if these were real the peaches would be honey sweet!!!

    1. haha - I believe you x) as long as you're not saying you're eating a peach flavored bundt cake lol
      Thank you so much! :)