Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lychee & more ceramics

Feels like I haven't made that much the past few days, though I've made something every day.. - I made these miniature lychee (lychees?) which I think came out cute :) I feel like I need to record something to go with them before uploading the tutorial though.

Also fired some more ceramics, which I'm just as excited about as last time haha - The suspense when opening the kiln door after the final firing... love it! - now I just need to make some food for each one.

Now sure whether or not the colors are true to real life - I fixed it in photoshop,. but as soon as I post the pictures on blogspot it seems like the colors are more saturated? Not just in this picture, it's a general problem I've noticed. Might just be me or my browser/computer/whatever.. 


  1. Hi Tanja! Due to health reasons it has been a while since I've visited your blog/tutorails, so here I am and very curious to see what you've created lately ;O!
    The tiny lychees look just like the real fruits. They came out perfectly.
    Your new ceramics look gorgeous, so I think the colors are fine...? I haven't noticed something wrong about the colors on blogspot yet, but I'll see if it's the same on my own blog too.
    Wishing you a nice weekend.
    Kind regards, ilona

    1. Hope you're doing better now!
      Thank you :) I don't know why - maybe it's just the browser. In photoshop and my normal image viewer the 'yellow/tan' ceramics and the green ones are a it more pale in color, which is how they should be, but when I look at them on the blog they seem so bright.
      The same with the food - the pictures tend to look more 'red or warm toned' than what they show up like everywhere else.

  2. Hi Tanja, I now see what you meant, but I think it is because you personally know how they have to look like in real life and we don't ;)! The colors are fine to me :D! Okay, next time I visit your blog and I see your ceramics and food, I know how i have to look at them :D!
    I always admire your works, they are real artworks for me :)!

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