Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lychee & more ceramics

Feels like I haven't made that much the past few days, though I've made something every day.. - I made these miniature lychee (lychees?) which I think came out cute :) I feel like I need to record something to go with them before uploading the tutorial though.

Also fired some more ceramics, which I'm just as excited about as last time haha - The suspense when opening the kiln door after the final firing... love it! - now I just need to make some food for each one.

Now sure whether or not the colors are true to real life - I fixed it in photoshop,. but as soon as I post the pictures on blogspot it seems like the colors are more saturated? Not just in this picture, it's a general problem I've noticed. Might just be me or my browser/computer/whatever.. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ceramics, English Breakfast & Roast

I can't even begin to describe how excited I am, being able to make my own ceramics. They may not be perfect, but hey, I'm a newbie - so it's okay. I used the underglazes I ordered to color some of these. Love how easy it was to make the dishes look rustic by only applying a thin coat.
My main problem now is, that I really want the other palettes as well,. And some more 'normal glazes'. I'd like a crackle glaze and maybe even a metallic one... Will try my best to wait a little while though.

Used a couple of them already;

English breakfast (not enough room for mushrooms).

And I put the second roast in a cooking dish/tray :)