Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ceramics, cockatoo, food & more

Lately I haven't been taking pictures every time I've fired a batch of ceramics - not that I've fired thaaat many times, but I haven't been taking the 'bundled up' pictures I did after the first 4 firings or so. Probably because plates don't change too much, haha.
However, I have improved since the last pictures were taken so I decided to take pictures of some of my more recent ceramics :)
I definitely need to do some more of the handpainted ones (they were decorated using the amaco semi moist underglazes). And I can't wait to use some of those cake stands!
Most of the colors I'm using at the moment (for the base) are the amaco velvet underglazes - love them. They come in a great variety of colors and shades, and you can get them in convenient little 2oz containers which is perfect for those who are making miniatures or only need a small amount of one color :)

I also decided to make a cockatoo (tutorial is being uploaded as I'm typing). Lots of fun and I'm already working on the next 'feathered fellow'.

And because I've been gone from the blog for a while... again... here are a couple of the other minis I've made;