Monday, November 9, 2015

Pies & cake

Have had some fun doing a couple of food related pieces - as I've had less time for that these past few weeks.
Chose to make some mini 'apple pies' and a simple, elegant cake with roses. The apple pies are in a different style than what I'd usually make - these foods that are shaped into 'food' in real life, often tend to look odd in miniature.. Same with those amazing real life fondant cakes that look like handbags, high heels and other scenes; they just don't make as much sense in miniature. Nonetheless I couldn't help myself when I saw a picture of some small portion sized, apple shaped apple pies.

I know I've posted a lot about the ceramics, but I can't help it. I am just as much in love with making and using them now as I was the first time I made a batch - if not more :)


  1. Of course, Tanja, you can blog a lot about your gorgeous ceramics as much as you want, because you can be proud of your wonderful results. I can also imagine the great excitement of making new miniatures, even of other materials as the clay ;)! Your newest miniature works with apples are so delicious to see, yummy, I can even smell the odor ;). I think that your apple shaped apple pies are beautifully made, I guess they will be difficult to make in this small size, but yours succeeded very well :D!
    Kind regards, Ilona

  2. I love all the things you make. You inspire me to continue working on my skills. I have one question, when I try to sculpt my pieces with the ball tools etc, my little ball of clay always rolls around and won't stay put. Do you put some pressure on the ball before you start to make it stay and not roll around?

  3. Sigh... so amazing! The moment I saw the apple pies, I started craving :) Awesome job as always!

  4. Hi there. I love your videos! My husband is enjoying them too. Your work is fantastic! Regarding your dotting tools: are you sanding the balls on some of them? I noticed that some are somewhat cone-shaped. If you are sanding them, what are using to do so? If you are not, where do you find them? Thanks!

    1. Please check out my video about dotting tools on my second channel SCScraft :)That should answer all questions

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