Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rough collie & sleepy kitty

With only a couple of days left before I have to leave for the fair, I've had to realize that I far from has the time to make all the things I wanted.. Still haven't lost hope in being able to make a few more pieces, but it won't be anything major.
I did manage to make 2 furry friends - a rough collie, which I've been wanting to make for a long time. And a sleepy cat :)

Love the glimpse the animals get in their eyes, when the light hits it just right. And though I wish I'd added even more fluffy-ness to the body of the collie, I'm really happy with the result. Back when I made the german shepherd I didn't have the right color of fibres for the fur, so I settled for what seemed to be the closest to the right shade - which was too dark. I didn't have the right shade of 'sabel'/brown for the collie either, but instead of risking getting angry with myself for using the wrong shade, I decided to simply use an off white/creamy color for the body and head, and shade the entire thing with my soft pastels. Yes, the collie is in fact only white and cream haha.
When done thoroughly it won't come off, and the fibres will pretty much be permanently stained - I also sealed it with a fixative for extra protection.

The cat was one of my 'couch crafting' projects - made yesterday. When sculpting dolls and animals I far prefer sitting in the couch as opposed to sitting at my desk. I don't know why, as sitting hunched over in the couch is far more uncomfortable, but when working on more time consuming projects I enjoy being able to watch TV or be in the company of my boyfriend so there's someone to interact with.
Started working on another cat today - did get a late start and won't have as much time tomorrow, but am hoping I'll be able to finish it before leaving Friday.


  1. Both, the rough collie and the sleepy kitten, are gorgeous, Tanja, they look very life-like and their colors are just right :D!
    I wish you much fun and good sales at the fair :D!
    Kind regards, Ilona

  2. Look at that sweet face! :")) I really like the breed Collie!! :DD And the cat... <3 ^0^

    The Crafting Days

  3. Do you have a tutorial for the Collie?

  4. And which kind of fibre did you use for the Collie?