Monday, April 27, 2015

Miniature pasta machine & Elderly lady

Back from the fair! - It was a lot of fun, and it went well.
I'm so happy that people liked all the new items I brought with me this year because that really is very motivating when it comes to making new pieces.
All the animals found a new home and I did sell a few of the pieces of furniture as well :)

Before leaving for the fair I did some research and found measurements for a few of the animals I'd like to make in the future (farm related) hihi - For some reason I really want to make a cow,.. and some goats,. and some other animals lol - I think it'd look cute, though I'm not sure if anyone actually is in need of something like that...

Anyway - I'm excited to be back home and have spent a portion of the day in my craft room, making this little miniature pasta machine for today's tutorial. It's not functional (except from the handle which turns) but it'll look cute on a miniature scene or in a dollhouse! :)

And here's a picture of the elderly lady I made a while ago - finally got around to taking a picture of her :)


  1. Hi Tanja,
    If it makes any difference - I'm not sure it will :/ - but, I would love to see you make a Goat tutorial please? All your pieces are fantastic! :) Thank You! x

  2. Hi Tanja, wonderful little old lady! You are a very talented young woman.
    All the best

  3. I too love cows. Before you make yours be sure and watch this video on "fluffy cows".. you'll love it.: