Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tutorial: Paper rose

1:12 scale miniature flower: Paper rose


Hey! hello, how are you? long time no see!
A lot of things have happened the past few weeks, and it's been hard for me to find a balance between crafting, blogging and making YouTube videos - I've started making nail art videos again after a 1-year break! so glad to be back on there :) You can check out my videos if you're interested: 3TanjaJ3.

Anyways, here's the first flower tutorial. It should have been posted in January,.. oh well.

Materials needed:
-Paper punches (or scissors if you're going to cut the shapes yourself)
-Embossing tools, or any rounded tool
-An eraser or something similar (rubber-ish)
-Green wire, preferably paper wrapped.

Tweezers, exacto knife + matte and glossy glaze are some more tools that can come in handy for this. You can use other tools and materials if you want - you might also need other things when making different types of flowers. I'll be showing you how to make an easy, basic rose.

1) - Begin by painting a piece of paper on both sides. It doesn't have to be perfect at all - a slobby paint job often looks better for petals because of the variation in color.
2) - Cut out petals with a paper punch or scissors. I used a heart shape for these. Use an embossing tool and your 'eraser' to shape the petals. I'm actually using a piece of amazing mold putty that I shaped into a circle :)
3) - Add a bit of glue to the wire and wrap around the first petal. Now continue adding petals till you're happy with it.
Repeat - add more petals :)
I used another paper punch for the leaves, but painted the paper green instead. If you want, you can add a lot more details and create the look of veins etc. To finish off the rose I touched up the color on the petals and added a thin layer of glaze.


  1. Preciosas rosas!!! Muchas gracias por el tutorial!!

  2. What kind of paper did you use?thanks,xoxo.

    (P.S. you are very beautiful and talented!:)

    1. For this one I used some thin paper from a cheap notebook, but you can use many types :) and for some flowers and plants, other types of paper (thicker, with texture etc) is going to look better.
      a lot of people use colored tissue paper, but I don't like that because petals aren't that seethrough.
      Thank you so much for the compliment! hope this helps :)

  3. These are great! Thank you. Where did you buy the paper punch for the leaves? What size?

    1. I got it from a Danish website. I think it's 15mm total, but I could be wrong