Friday, November 22, 2013

Rearranging my craft room

Rearranging my craft room

Right from when we moved here and up until now, my craft room has been divided into 2 'sections' - on the left I had all my craft/polymer clay and art supplies and on the right I had my setup of nail art stuff. That has changed. I'm not done organizing everything, and I haven't quite figured out where I want every single item and 'section' to go, BUT, I have moved all my nail supplies away from the desk. I still do my nails, and I'm trying to get back into posting nail tutorials on my YouTube at least once a week, but craft supplies just take up so much more room than nail polish - and the more Space you have to spread your stuff on, the more inviting it feels to sit down and start a new project - do you know that feeling?
I'm still debating with myself whether I want the other desk to be focusing on art stuff; Color pencils, pencils, watercolors etc. or if I should move my doll making supplies to that area; Doll clay, wire for armatures, tools, tin foil and my mohair.. I usually end up sitting in our livingroom when making Dolls and my boyfriend isn't all that excited about me leaving all my tools in the sofa - can't blame him, haha ;)
One of the main reasons why I don't sit at my 'clay.crafting desk' when sculpting Dolls is because of the mohair - which seems like a lame excuse now that I think about it... but when you're wigging a doll, mohair sometimes gets everywhere, and it's frustrating to find tons of small pieces of hair when you're trying to make hairless miniature food. I figured it'd be easier having it seperated.. maybe it won't make much of a difference.. I don't know.
If you haven't kept an eye on my youtube channel since my last post you've already missed 6 new tutorials! :) If you'd like to see how to make any of these polymer clay pieces just click the link and it'll take you to my channel: SugarCharmShop

There's a basic orange tutorial, a cute Pikachu (Pokemon) pendant, another way of making an eyeball cane when making glass like doll eyes. There's also a tutorial for crepes, a quick tutorial for a watermelon cane and a snowflake pendant/ornament :) Enjoy!
And please remember to share with your friends if you'd like to see more.

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