Saturday, November 17, 2012

Efcolor cold enamel - swatches

Efcolor cold enamel swatches

Earlier this week my second Efcolor enamel order arrived. This time they sent me a small booklet as well, showing how to use the powder, the different colors available and some examples of jewelry made/decorated with the product. I don't know why they didn't send me one of these booklets when I ordered the first batch (I ordered from Maybe it was because my other order had other things in it other than the efcolor powder, or maybe it was due to the size of this order?
Doesn't matter, I'm not going to use it for anything anyways :)

I now have 23 of the 29 regular (opaque) colors. Other colors available include a few transparent, metallic, texture and glitter shades. Unfortunately the site I ordered from does not have the metallic or transparent ones.

So here are the swatches. The first picture was taken in daylight, the second is daylight + flash. I intentionally picked the second one where you can see the light reflect on the surface of some of the bottom swatches.
The colors I have swatched:
Row #1: Dark red, red, strawberry, Rose pink/bright pink, Old rose, Light pink
Row #2: Brown, Cognac, Orange, Golden yellow, Yellow, Ivory
Row #3: Black, Dark grey, Silver grey, Sand, White, Mallow
Row #4: Dark blue, Pigeon blue, Turquoise, Olive, Light green

I'm in love with the earthy tones - bet they'll look great as coloring on many different types of miniature plates, cups, bowls and pottery. Will be playing around with some plate making today or tomorrow.

You can expect a couple of posts from me this weekend :)

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  1. Could you please tell me how to use them. I too have no instructions