Saturday, January 5, 2013

Making a 2 part mold - Amazing mold putty

Howto; Make a 2 part mold for polymer clay - using Amazing mold putty

As I've said before, I'd never ever make a mold from one of my miniature dolls, animals or similar sculptures, and I think that molding mediums like these are often misused. BUT, if you have something that you want to make a 2 part mold for, here's a quick how to, using Amazing mold putty;

I made this mold for my "dolls dolls" - Since they're suppose to look mass produced, I needed a mold to make them look almost identical, though you still need to make a few corrections afterwards. I first sculpted the doll using fimo soft, then baked it.

1) - Mix enough mold putty to fit the size of the master (piece you want to make a mold from), keeping in mind that this is only for either the front or back. Flatten it and push your master into it - till it covers one half.
Let it cure completely before you continue.
2) - Amazing mold putty and many other molding compounds stick to themselves, meaning that if you mix a new portion and let it cure while attached to an already cured mold, it will be pretty much impossible to seperate them. You need some type of release agent - I'm almost certain that vaseline will work, however, I chose to use potato starch. Brush it onto the entire surface, making sure to get into all the creases.
3) - Mix another portion of mold putty - enough to cover the back of the master. Make the second half of the mold.
4) - Once cured, you should be able to seperate the 2 parts. If there are small areas that weren't covered well enough by the release agent, they may stick to eachother a bit, but not enough to make the seperation impossible. You now have a 2 part mold to use with your polymer clay projects :)

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