Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Websites I like and recommend for ordering materials

Living in Denmark, I have to buy a lot of materials online, because you simply can't get the right things here - or because the only store that carries it is in the other end of the country. It's okay, I like shopping online - sitting comfortably at my computer, able to take all the time I need, shop at any time of the day and I don't have to stand in line! ;) Only thing that bugs me is, that you have to wait 1-2 weeks for most of the packages to arrive...

So I wanted to share some of the websites I enjoy ordering from. You'll see that a lot of these sites are danish, and only ship to Denmark - when I'm looking for new websites, I have to keep a few things in mind;
It has to be within Europe due to extra fees assigned... If the site/seller happens to come from outside of Europe, I'm only able to purchase for a small amount of money to avoid these fees.
These are sites I've found myself buying from multiple times.

I love this site, it has tools, polymer clay mold putty,.. a bunch of different things including materials for working with metal/silver clay, ceramics, glass etc.
This is also where I've bought most of my Efcolor enamel products.
Great, great site if you're looking for polymer clay and tools, and so many other things as well.
Now, I'm very sad right now - apparently this site no longer exists? I used to buy all my mohair/alpaca/rabbit-hair from this site,. The hair I use for my dolls. I'm still writing the link in case it'll get back on. They sold mohair for around 1.75£ for 30grams, which is really cheap. They even had an ebay account that I can no longer find either. /
This,... is by far my favorite place to shop for materials, accessories for my phone, ipad, nail art supplies, books, gosh, great, amazing place.. not good to your wallet, but great site!
For those who are in doubts about ordering from here, because they're afraid to get scammed and not receive the package; don't worry. I wouldn't by Chanel bags or Mac makeup products from here, but it's an awesome place for buying miniature ceramics, glue, whatever you need for your crafts. The sellers that are on ebay are all aiming for those 5 star ratings, so why would they try to scam you?
There's been 2 times where my package hadn't arrived after the time limit had passed, so I wrote a message to the sellers and they sent out a new package right away.
A german site, so if you don't speak just a little german, I wouldn't recommend it. I bought my Jo Sonja's paints from this site. They sell reborning supplies, but stuff like mohair and paints can be used for miniature dolls and smaller sculptures as well :)
Danish site - great selection of patchwork fabrics = small patterns, really nice for miniatures.
Danish site - They sell polymer clay and a bunch of other craft supplies,. I only order the clay though ;)
They carry the Efcolor enamel products. When I only want to buy a fe items, it's better for me to have a danish website as oppose to a UK site. (cheaper shipping costs)


  1. wait... do YOU speak german? I didn't know that :O (<-- I am from Germany ^^)
    Haha, really cool :) I maybe will check out some of the sites, since i want to get some tools and all that kinda stuff soon, maybe even some other brands of clay(besides fimo, which i get in stores)
    So, thank you for this advice

    1. haha, nur ein bischen ;D we had German in 7th and 8th grate once.... a long time ago :)
      I've been buying Kato through clayaround, and I really like that brand. It's very firm, so it's not as friendly to your hands as the softer clays