Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cleaning the craft room

Still cleaning the craft room...

I'm still trying to get everything into place in my new craft room.
You may be able to see that I put the other desk right next to the first one. The second desk is now where I keep all my nail art supplies - but the surface of the desk will be kept almost empty in case I need some temporary space to do other craft projects.

This is what the room looked like earlier, when I started cleaning..

And this is what it looks like now - I deserve a break, right? Will continue cleaning soon, promise! Can't wait to actually be able to sit down and do some crafting! But I can't believe that all of this used to be in my small craft corner...

I'm doing pretty good, huh? I think so too! :)
Hope you don't find these updates too boring. As soon as I'm done with the room, I can get back to making miniatures, working on my new dollhouse and making reviews etc. for this blog.


A few hours later;
Almost done!!

I've also added a bunch of miniatures to my Etsy shop - I'll look through whatever I have left from the fair and add most of it to the shop soon :)

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