Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Moving into the craft room

It'll take some time to get everything neatly organized - this is what I managed to get done yesterday inbetween moving things and cleaning the old apartment.

I've organized fabrics, set up most of my "frequently used" tools and put a lot of small bits and pieces in drawers (the drawer units from my craft corner). The desk you see in the picture is one I bought for my new room - or rather 2.... A man was selling them as he didn't want them anymore; they'd been used by his 2 sons who has now moved away from home. I only payed around 60 $ a piece! Really good deal, if you ask me - they look as if they were new and they're very heavy and sturdy. Desks similar to these could easily cost more than 200$ in stores (at least here in DK).. And I'm not going to spend 200$ on something that'll be used near large amounts of paint, glue and probably cut into multiple times by different sharp tools! Haha.

I'll show you more pictures of my progress later today, though I'll spend the most time making the final preparations for the miniature fair this weekend; we're leaving tomorrow (CelineHedegaard and I).

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