Friday, October 31, 2014

Finished! - Miniature Unicorn/horse

I'm done!! and I am quite happy with the result! :) I ended up cutting the fur/flocking powder manually with scissors, but it actually wasn't that bad. I used angora bunny hair for the fur (because it was the closest I had to white) and it's much more fine/fluffy than the mohair, so it's also a lot faster to cut.
The mane and tail is alpaca hair :)

I didn't photograph it without the horn, but it IS detachable.
Now I just have to go through 100+ video clips and start editing the first part of the video *siiiiigh* haha.
My first thought was to have it in approx 4 parts. But I'll try to cram as much as possible in to one video and see if I can keep it down to maybe 2-3 parts. Would be great if I could fit all the sculpting in to one video... But I don't want it to be too long either.


  1. The unicorn is amazing. So beautiful and amazing detail. Look forward to seeing the videos.

  2. There are no better words to explain how beautiful the horse/unicorn is. ㅠㅠ

  3. OMG Tanja he's gorgeous!!! My jaw literally dropped open when I saw him, absolutely gorgeous! Amazing job, I can't wait to see the video, I don't care how many you videos you put it in! I'll watch them all, probably several times!!!

    1. I have been editing the first video today and it will be up in a few hours :) I will be able to fit it in to 3 parts.
      It was pretty difficult to record, so unfortunately the clips aren't the best quality :/ but you can see what's going on, and luckily the sculpture was only in one color, so the weird/warm color-tones in the video doesn't matter ^^''

    2. and thank you so, so much! I'm really happy with him as well =) hopefully someone will want to buy him at the fair.
      am definitely in the mood for making more animals now :D

  4. Impresionante,de un realismo total y la piel y crin del caballo es perfecto,enhorabuena!!!!!

  5. It's beautiful and very realistic. I love it :)