Sunday, December 21, 2014

Santa Claus is coming to town

I managed to finish Santa in time for today's tutorial :) I think he came out cute!

I couldn't find the perfect red fabric - something that was thin so it'd work well for miniatures, but at the same time not bright red.. Ended up buying a tank top in H&M, and it worked out well :)

And this one also counts as 1 of 3 dolls without any blue pieces of clothes (refering to the deal I made with myself, mentioned in the previous post).

The more dolls I've made these past few weeks, the more I'm looking forward to doing some more fabric shopping at the next miniature fair! I always buy tons of fabric, but I tend to go for all the 'fun' patterns, textures etc.. I really need to focus on finding more of the basic & one colored pieces - oddly enough, those are the ones you use the most.

Anyway - tutorial for the Santa is uploading as I'm typing this, so I hope you like him :)


  1. Maravilloso Santa!!! Con sus brazos abiertos esperando repartir los regalos!!! Seguro que este año será generoso contigo!!

  2. He looks awesome you are so talented!!