Thursday, December 11, 2014


Miniature pottery? haha, yeah..
I've been wanting to try my hands on miniature pottery for over a year.. Actually, I first thought of it back in 2011, shortly after I started making miniatures. I liked the idea of being able to make any size or shape of plate/bowl you needed or any tray, pot, vase, jug etc. But back then (since I'd just started out) something like ceramics seemed frightening, and no way would I've been able to afford the tools and materials - I mean, a kiln?!
After I started using metal clay this year, and learned that a kiln doesn't have to take up an entire room, that urge to try my hands on it came back..
After a lot of research to find out what exactly I needed, I decided to make an order for a pottery wheel a couple of days ago - as well as some clay and glaze. I won't be buying a kiln until January or February, but I thought I could practice... I've never, ever made any type of ceramics before and have never worked with a pottery wheel, so practice will be needed, haha.
It arrived today and I've had a quick play with it.
These were my first attempts (still need to trim the bottoms);

What can I conclude so far?;
1, It's a disadvantage to have long nails! - but I'll just have to see that as a challenge.. in my mind it's not an option to cut them.
2, probably should've waited for my tools to arrive in the mail (basic trimming and pottery tools from ebay) but I didn't feel like waiting up to 2 more weeks before I could have a play with this.. So I just used a wooden stick, a makeup sponge, xacto knife and a blade (for removing the dishes from the wheel).

But you know what? for a first attempt I don't think they're that bad at all!! *proud* lol

The only problem now is, that I reeeeeeally want to fire it..

Will have another play with the wheel tomorrow, after recording the next polymer clay tutorial for my YouTube channel... or maybe I'll just wait till Saturday.. as if =)


  1. Yes, for first time ceramics, they are wonderful. <333 :DDD
    I am so, so delighted for you that you got to achieve that dream!!! I can't wait to see your handmade plates, bowls, etc used for your miniature food! :')))

  2. hay algo que no se de te bien
    me encantan tus piezas , seguro que con un poco mas de practica , haras verdaderas maravillas
    y yo estare esperando para verlas



  3. Que piezas más bonitas,sin práctica te han quedado estupendas así que cuando cojas práctica serán espectaculares!!!!

  4. Первый раз и такая идеальная работа!!! Поздравляю!

  5. As usual, it's wonderful. Where did you get the wheel? Funny I have had this idea for a long time too just too busy with my job to get into it. You have kindled my interest again. Don't know how you do what you do with those nails but know you will find a way, and those look great, what you did already.

    1. I don't know why I'm having such problems posting this comment.
      Thank you! I got it from a Danish website - shimpo rt h5 or something like that.
      but I think it's the same machine that's called 'shimpo aspire' on English/American websites