Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Girl in night gown

Little girl in a night gown.
Been really in to working on larger projects lately, which is good! because that equals more variety on my stand at the next Farum fair.

Really happy with her - I think she looks cute :)
And I did record clips from the process of making her, so that'll be up as a video within too long. I didn't record the complete process of sculpting the face, but there should be enough clips to get an idea of how to sculpt a basic child's face.


  1. She is beautiful!!!!!! <3333 :OOOO Reminds me of a doll I had years ago! ^^ Of course, that one doesn't compare to this girl! ;D NO RUSH, NO RUSH AT ALL!!!!!! Take your time as much as you want, Tanja. ^^ We can all wait patiently. :))

  2. Pero que bonita es!!! Y con su camisón a punto de ir a la cama...tiene cara de sueño!!! Preciosa!!
    Que bien ver un vídeo de su proceso,me encantará!1

  3. Very nice but the one thing I am seeing is brown splotches on her face. Is this intentional? Is it just the picture? I know you do it with food but I am thinking would of been nicer without but your work is again exceptional. Sorry I am a bit outspoken and probably will get crucified for saying that, just my opinion folks. No need to beat me up.

    1. I did some shading, but you may be refering to the fact t hat I made freckles on her - which was completely intentional. this is also not YouTube - people on blogs rarely act the same way, so no one would crucify you for anything - however, I think you've misunderstood something about the doll

  4. I would love to see how you made the ham on this page to right, the texture is what is hard for me and you use no fingers and all tools lol. So very wonderful.

  5. Маленькое чудо!

  6. Wow...what a lovely girl

    Greetings Xandra