Friday, November 21, 2014

Pumpkin pie & a German Shepherd

Miniature pumpkin pie and German Shepherd - because that goes together.... or not :)

The pumpkin pie was posted as a tutorial on my YouTube Wednesday, and I just finished the German Shepherd today. That dog has good taste, haha - it's (or she is) wearing a sterling silver chain with a sapphire as a charm.

The colors in the picture aren't 100% correct, but it's close enough.
I didn't have the right color of fur/fibre, so I had to use mainly ash blonde together with 2 other blonde/white  shades, and then add extra shading to give it a more golden tone.. Really need to buy some acid dyes in case I end up in a similar situation.
It will be up as a tutorial on youtube,. at some point. The rottweiler will be up today,. The bulldog will be up in 1-2 weeks, and then this will be uploaded a week after or so.

Think I'll make a cat next.. need to take a small break from the dogs :)


  1. I love the dog! He looks awesome and so cute :). You've done again an amazing job!

  2. El pastel se ve delicioso!!! Pero el perro está increíble,parece tan real que en cualquier momento va a echar a correr!!!!

  3. Amazing work. You have a real talent for sculpting animals. Thank you so much for sharing your tutorials. I cannot wait to see a cat. The pumpkin pie looks delish too.

  4. Нет слов! Я люблю ваших животных! Они нереально реальные! А вы супер талантливы!