Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mini Hedgehogs

Not quite a cat,.. haha.
I am planning on making a cat next - but I just didn't feel like making an eyeball cane today, so instead I made these;
Miniature hedgehogs.

Aaaaand - because I'm close to 200.000 subscribers on my YouTube *yay*, I'll be uploading these as a bonus tutorial today :)

Old picture of me.. Probably 10 years or more since it was taken ;)
My mom has always loved hedgehogs, and fed them leftovers from dinner (outside, like you feed birds). She used to bring hedgehogs in to the house and care for them if they were underweight or ill. So I have fond memories of these little critters.


  1. Acabo de ver el vídeo de los erizos,son encantadores!! Muchas felicidades por tus 200.000 subscriptores y espero que sean muchos más!!!!

  2. Dear Tanja.

    I love your creations and all the more your cute creatures. It's a pity, in german language I would find thousand words and more like I'm overwhelmed. ;))

    With kind regards and best wishes

  3. Felicidades por tus subscriptores!! Eres una gran artista, esos erizos son enternecedores al igual que la foto. Un abrazo

  4. muchas felicidades por las muy merecidas supscriones, los erizos son preciosos, gracias por el fantastico tutorial