Saturday, January 21, 2017

Kitten, Gourmet & Etsy

Yesterday's tutorial on my main channel was for this adorable, little ginger kitten. I was trying to avoid making anything animal themed when I realized how many of my recent tutorials have been including animals - not that I mind, but I'm sure a lot of people wish to see other things as well :)
The reason why I decided to make one anyway is because I want to post the video for different cat accessories next week, and it makes more sense if I actually have a cat to pose with those things, right?

I also listed a few more things on Etsy, and I do want to make a quick note to any danish readers;
Because I'm listing things on Etsy again, I might not be going to any more miniature fairs. I can't say for sure if I'll be doing the october fair this year, as the final one - depends if I'll have enough to fill up my stall. I was hoping on being able to maybe fill up a good portion of a stall with ceramics, but I'm not sure yet.
I will also be posting a tutorial on SugarCharmShop Gourmet either today or tomorrow - I was going to make a project using the cucumber cane from my last video, but I realized I need to make another video to go with that project, before I can post it.. So I'll be postponing that video for a couple of weeks. I just don't want to clutter each video with a bunch of items that'll then make it more difficult for my viewers to find the different 'components' at a later time, so I'm doing my best to keep most things seperate - though I will be combining items like the heart shaped bundt cakes and cooling racks, for some videos :)


  1. Du kommer stadig til dukkehusfestival i Farum til maj ikke ? Jeg har glædet mig meget til at se nogle af dine ting og også meget gerne købe nogle med hjem 😊

    1. Nej, desværre :) Lige netop den messe vil jeg jeg ikke støtte op om mere. Hvis jeg har nok at sælge bliver det i odense, men lige nu regner jeg ikke med at skulle afsted

    2. Det er jeg mega ked af at høre,havde sådan glædet mig til at se dine smukke kreationer i virkeligheden. Du er simpelthen så talentful. Ville ønske jeg havde mulighed for at komme til den i Odense