Thursday, January 5, 2017

SugarCharmShop Gourmet

So I've spent the past couple of hours doing some serious spring cleaning on this blog. Deleted some old posts, some pages and corrected some links and general information - I'm hoping on updating on here more often, at least when I post on my new channel.
'SugarCharmShop Gourmet' is officially up and running on youtube - and the first 2 tutorials have already been posted; Pizza and heart shaped bundt cakes. Visit Channel

My new channel is actually the reason for making this post - I wanted to try explaining what the channel is about, a bit more clearly than I did in the last post. 

Why did I make a new channel?
Unfortunately with the way youtube is set up, I can't always, as odd as that may sound, post quality miniature tutorials.. One of the reasons why is because some people get upset and complain about me using tools or materials that they don't have access to. This has resulted in the majority of my videos being simplified versions. Another reason is that the majority of the people who stumble across my videos don't find the more serious miniatures as fun to watch, which is really a shame.

What will I be posting on SugarCharmShop Gourmet?
Well.. It's going to be mainly food... ''Gourmet'' does not mean 'fancy, boring 5-star restaurant arrangements', it simply means 'good quality'. There will be videos for fruits, veggies, roasts, fish, poultry, baked good and so much more - serious food. And 'Serious food' doesn't mean their won't be any sweets and things like that - it simply means that I won't be posting branded fastfood or treats such as Mcdonald's, Dairy queen, M&M's, Doritos etc. - if you have requests for stuff like that, please request it on my main channel.
Now for the 'mainly' part of the equation; Once again, 'Gourmet', to me, means quality. I will be posting some other miniatures on this channel as well, such as kitchen accessories, furniture and other household items.. These will only be posted once in a while - again, the majority will be food. And here are some good news; if I decide to post non-food-related items more frequently in some months, they will be up as bonus videos so they don't take away from the amount of food tutorials :) *yay, everyone is happy!*
However, please keep the requests on 'SugarCharmShop Gourmet' food related - non food requests will be deleted (feel free to leave these on my main channel - I might post on it Gourmet.. confusing, I know).

Please help;
I truely appreciate the amount of support I've received so far, and I really do need your support if this is going to work. Though youtube is my fulltime job, having this new channel means I'll be working even more overtime than I already do - so if you enjoy these kinds of videos, please subscribe, watch the videos and share them on social media (using the 'share' options below the videos). If you make things inspired by the videos and post your creations on social media, please let people know who you were inspired by and where they can find the tutorials.
And this might be one of the most important things; Please know, that even if I post a video that you're not particularly interested in, watching it, clicking the 'thumbs up' and leaving a comment helps out a LOT and helps ensure that I'll be able to keep the channel running.

Thank you
Hope you'll enjoy! :)


  1. Hi Tanja!
    My name is Vikki and I'm a 44 year old mum who has been loving your channel for about a year now, after my 11 year old daughter introduced me to your tutorials! Your site is by far my favourite in terms of your artistry and skill, as well as subject matter. I love all you do! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and inspiration with us! I am looking forward to seeing your detailed tutorials and 'gourmet' creations, I love learning about all the little details and intracacies. I will be sure to like your videos, but will take some time to share them also, something I wouldn't have thought of doing before reading your blog post. Anyway! I am rambling on... but just wanted to let you know that I love your work and appreciate all the time and effort you put in to your videos! Warm regards!! Vikki :-)

  2. Hi! I totally agree with Vikki, your tutorials are inspirational. Like Vikki I hadn't thought to 'share' but will in future. Thanks for sharing your creations with us. Dee.

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  4. Hi Tanja! I've been following your channel for a while (I'm not sure but I think there was only one by the time I started, it was the salmon video that really hooked me up! =)

    I just want to say that your work is very inspirational and I love the long detailed videos, specially when they are about food! I'm happy you'll make more of them!

    I don't know if you know these references, but take a look if you have time, please! First is from Paris (where I live now), they're a couple that opened a miniature shop, they also have beautiful food works, as you. They made pastries inspired by Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, I think they can inspire you, it would be nice to have videos about foods of different countries, historic times, etc! =)
    And the other one is Linda Lomelino, she's a girl that started to bake for fun and now she make the most beautiful cakes ever, she has a beautiful personal story! Please take a look on her instagram, maybe you both can even do a partnership! I'd love to learn how to meke miniatures of her cakes. =)

    1. /


    Thanks for your work, everything is so detailled and pretty that I aways feel happier after watching your videos! =)

    1. Thank you :) I do know of the miniature people you mention but I never really look at other peoples' work - I' inspired by real things (or pictures of the real thing). the cake account is ok, though the pictures are not good for inspiration/reference in my case ^^

  5. look at your videos makes me want to make things that you make but they look so hard how do you make things that are so small so perfect so real I just don't know how are you in the United

  6. Hi Tanja, LOVE your videos. I am just starting to try making my own clay food using you as a teacher. One thing I don't understand is how you apply chalk pastels to the clay. Do you have a video demonstrating this that you can point me to? I think I'm confused about what you mix the chalk with to make it wet. I bought chalk pastels in a stick form (not powder). I'm stuck on what I need to do next. Can you help me? Thanks Sandy

  7. Hi Tanja, I love your videos. I've been making miniature foods off and on for a few years and your videos inspire me to do more detail. In fact I watch several of them over and over again and I would definately buy some of your videos to have on hand. Thank you for what you do. Your wonderful! Dee