Thursday, February 2, 2017

Miniature mac & cheese

Today's tutorial on 'SugarCharmShop Gourmet' is going to be a pretty simple and much loved dish; Macaroni and cheese. It's been requested quite a few times both before and after I started the new channel, and even though I personally don't find it that appealing, I do understand why so many people love it.

I chose to make the baked version because,.. let's be honest; mac & cheese is basically goo. and in miniature, that 'goo' is going to look even less interesting - so the baked top adds a little extra something, haha.

I do have an old tutorial on my main channel showing how to make this type of cooking dish from polymer clay, and I might make an updated tutorial on my new channel at some point :) The one I used in the tutorial however, is one of my ceramics.

Tutorial for the green plant that appears in quite a few of my pictures - as well as the 'kitchen setup' can also be found on my main channel, in case some of you are wondering :)

I'm currently in the process of doing some more test firings of ceramics,.. can't tell you how much I HATE experimenting when it comes to new clay and new clear glazes... I love making ceramics, and I love the final result, but I could do without the testing -.-'' so *yay* for me - now I have to wait another 2-4 months before I'll feel somewhat comfortable using the new pieces.

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